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Waitakere Ranges Shut Auckland regional park?

Calls to shut Auckland regional park

to stop New Zealand Kauri extinction in the Waitakere Ranges

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You know as a high end tourism curator, my first love is the Waitakere Ranges. I live here and work from here and it is where and who I fell in love with when landing in New Zealand.

Kauri dieback disease is gradually getting worse and the possible closure of the huge regional park strikes terror in many a heart. Why, well from a commercial point of view, it will hurt many businesses in the area.

But, from my heart, I have to say that we can't loose such an area to a disease that given a chance, could be prevented from becoming much worse.

So the question is, do we close it?  If it is the only way, then we have to!

My opinion will cause many to shout me down and this will also hurt Love My New Zealand, but we cannot say we truly Love our New Zealand if we stand by and watch it die. What do you think?

Comments here please....

Sincerely, Love My New Zealand

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