Overnight Stay Luxury Escapes Auckland New Zealand.

Discover The Beyond Flying Kiwi Angels Event

On Thursday 1st December 2016, there were reports early morning, in the traffic chaos of Auckland, of angels who had become stranded at traffic lights at the St. Lukes intersection...

No-one knew quite how they crashed into the area. Other angels had flown straight to the pick up location, so initial reports indicated that these particular angels' radar had become confused or picked up static from low flying aircraft. Whatever the reason it became apparent they needed to be rescued... After a quick grab of angels we were on our way...

Discover the Beyond is owned by Sharon Stewart director of Love My New Zealand and business partner, Katheren Leitner. Discover the Beyond is a newly created luxury experience company that takes the complexity often associated with creating luxury and delivers simplicity allowing the client to totally engage in what they experience in New Zealand. Sharon and Katheren have come together to create strength from two very different backgrounds. Sharon with many years experience in hospitality and the luxury sector and Katheren with a strong background in business strategy means together they bring about a connection for guests within the experience never to be forgotten.

So on Thursday 1st December, taking the small business investment group, the Flying Kiwi Angels into the heart of a forest with a fleet of Range Rover and Land Rovers to test their flying skills and to ensure no-one clipped a wing meant a perfect day with the sun sparkling on the champagne glasses.

Morning tea with freshly baked Muriwai 18 hour sourdough breads ripped apart with butter and delicious jams, salami and cheeses set the scene for a day of navigation in these stunning cars. Afterwards, a private lakeside lunch was devoured as one of Auckland's top sommeliers told an intriguing story of how wine became so important on the death bed of Napolean. Tempted with the finest French champagne, ports to sip on after lunch and a private chef prepared stew brimming with flavour, the whole day was one of connection for the Flying Kiwi Angels that delighted, excited and left a lasting memory.

Discover The Beyond

Chris Chandler, head of business development for KPMG said...

What an amazing day, great vibe, great fun, great company, great cars, great experience, great wine. As the Head of Business Development at KPMG and someone that regularly attends corporate events this was without question the best event I have had the privilege in attending in 2016 and would highly recommend this event and initiative for any corporate, networking or team building event. I will certainly be keeping this as my secret weapon for the future.
Sharon and Katheren….you ROCK!!!!!” - Chris Chandler KPMG

Sincerely, Love My New Zealand

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