Piha Beach Surfing Experience.

Piha Beach How we create Auckland Tours / 3

How Experiences are Created - Part 3.

A "MUM" surf legend...

I want to know what my clients experience when I arrange private surf lessons for them as part of their experience here in New Zealand at Piha Beach, Auckland.

February 16th began with the sound of heavy rain in The Waitakere Rainforest Ranges and my first thought was "surely our surf lesson with Piha Surf School will be re-scheduled." As I turned over to snooze again, Phil called to say we were getting wet anyway so to come on down!

I was feeling nervous - my main concern being how to get a tight wet-suit on around my size frame having not been a size "0" for sometime now, especially after piling on several extra kilos over Christmas.

So after I jiggled and jumped around in the changing room for at least twenty minutes I was exhausted and the surf lesson had not even begun!

Summer in Piha is normally blue skies, white crests on the waves and black sand. Today was grey skies, incessant rain and humid conditions. However, we soon got into the spirit of the adventure under the watchful eyes of the Lion and I have to say I was just so proud of my kids. Joni, only 6 years old, was my main concern. She normally wants to do something then changes her mind at the last minute, so I was on edge when Zen was taking us through how to stand on the board expecting to hear any minute that she wanted to go home.

Oh and that was funny in itself! Me trying to get up in one fell swoop on the board - I knew I looked something like a Mumma Hippo trying to play twister in a wetsuit. But you know what? No-one made me feel that way - it was all in my own head.

Once in the water, Joni loved it. She caught her wave and as you can see gave a big smile on the way past. Lewis and Jake had a blast and that showed me something very important - how Zen kept encouraging them about how good they were... thanks Zen; Jake is almost hitting his teenage period so having such a surf dude tell him how good he is - well you can imagine his feathers were upright for the rest of the day.

There was no doubt about it, I struggled to maintain my balance, even lying on the board and getting into the waves was tiring for me. But you know what? It made me feel alive. I have been thinking for a few weeks now that I really need to get more active. Hard work just doesn't cut it - exercise is key, so for me from now on surfing is something I will try again and again until I do take the board all the way to shore.

Now I know how well my clients will be looked after and the depth of the experience, I am a happy company director, mum and woman.

Thanks Phil and Zen, your passion is incredible and your experience invaluable.

Now to get these boys into my cars and into the rugged off road terrain ha ha ha... my revenge will be sweet.

Sincerely, Love My New Zealand

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