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How Experiences are Created - Part 1.

Sharon learns how it feels to try and surf along with her children

"Only as high as I reach I can grow - only as far as I seek I can go - only as deep as I look I can see - only as much as I dream, can I be"

As a 45 year old mother of three and director of Love My New Zealand, based so close to Piha Beach, I have many experiences for clients based here, but as my company grows steadily I am constantly researching new experiences around Auckland Beaches and greater New Zealand. This is my story of how I become a surf rock legend as far as my three children are concerned!

People often ask me how I go about creating Auckland tours and experiences or a New Zealand wider offering. What goes into the research, who we work with - in fact many considerations are taken into account before creating an offering for clients that is safe, very enjoyable and delivers over and above expectation.

Piha Beach is one of the surfing meccas for those who actually know how to surf! Well what about those who can't? Many of our visitors would love to try and want to master at least one wave in their life - just like Camilla Anderson in her recent blog (watch video below).

I also feel very nervous when it comes to letting someone take over the safety of my children. So surfing on Piha Beach (one of Auckland beaches' well known spots for people getting into trouble as well as being one of the best beaches for having fun) will be interesting to see how I feel and handle my nerves, and to know if it is something my clients will enjoy and be safe when they try it out.
I have to trust Phil and Zen, Piha Surf School owner instructors.

Check Zen out hosting Ryan Hoffman, captain of the Warriors NRL, at Piha Beach on a surf board...

I also think Phil and Zen need to know me and who Love My New Zealand is, and to get out of their own comfort zones trying a little of what we do off-road in the forest. So keep an eye peeled for our next article as the Piha Surf dudes go 4 wheel forest driving and I test their claim that they can get anyone to stand up on a surf board and surf....yeah right?

This is however the collaboration of two entities that want nothing more than the best for the client. Let the magic begin....

Sincerely, Love My New Zealand

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