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Ecotourism + Luxury Escapes

ECOtourism and luxury escapes combined is why we put our stake in the sand to commit to further diminish our carbon footprint now and in the future.

The difference between the two images shown below are worlds apart - one showing Piha Beach with one of our Tesla electric vehicles recently as we developed our eco travels experience portfolio and the other showing a crowded polluted city. I know which one I'd rather visit on holiday. Piha is a beach you can enjoy on your own, as many times I have this stunning black sand Auckland beach all to myself - just the perfect eco tour destination.

Tesla Electric Car on Piha Beach

Crowded Poluted city

We often crave for an escape from the stress and pressure of everyday life - a big factor in where we choose to go and spend time on vacation. Our many visitors who come from these crowded cities really appreciate the space, clean air, lush green land, the ability to enjoy ecotourism in the less crowded places of New Zealand.

True though is that our freedom camping grounds are being abused. Dirty rivers come up in our political debates and land fill issues are among embarrassing eco secrets we don't like to talk about when New Zealand is promoted as 100% Pure. We are not always that well behaved and as tourism experts, we as a company, are working hard to make it as easy as possible for our own visitors to leave less of a footprint all of the time, which is why we are committed to being the leaders in eco tourism with our luxury eco tours in Auckland and all across New Zealand.

Recently, I spent a few days hosting clients from Hong Kong. A humbling time to hear that the sun never makes it through the grey pollution there or indeed that farms are artificial - simply to show a child how they look elsewhere in the world - with plastic animals and plastic grass. Face masks are a must and the biggest challenge could be how to fit out your apartment, no bigger than a supermarket single car park space. We are indeed lucky here in New Zealand.

I also started thinking about if I was to go on holiday and honestly I think the last thing on my mind would be caring for the environment. In the past I have left my hotel room with the music or the light on, which is just careless, but as I have grown older I have a better appreciation of why we need so desperately to look after what we have left. This process made me realise that we need to make the behavior of our visitors as kind to the environment as possible and that we have to put it in place to ensure that it happens.

Today sees the launch of our new and exciting luxury eco travels experiences in and around Auckland and New Zealand as the beginning of a commitment to promote these eco tour experience above all the others. Combining Tesla electric car technology with eco sensitive luxury escapes to stay in, no plastic containers of any sort, chefs who purchase local ingredients en route to cook for you, local organic wines, environmentally friendly cleaning products, a 'use and re-use' psychology to avoid dumping into landfill, grey water to wash off vehicles - all goes towards a commitment to do our part in looking after our beautiful country.

It is not an easy route to take in business when it is far easier to make a dollar by using cheaper, less environmentally friendly methods. It is the future of tourism however, as there will be no future for tourists if we as operators don't make it happen now.

Gone are the days when eco warriors were tree hugging, pot smoking, dread-lock wearing individuals with strong opinions. Now tourism can play it's part with integrity. The ECO warriors are the guides and hosts who care for you and our islands as you travel on your eco tour with them, the accommodation providers who grow their own produce to integrate this into your New Zealand menus that are not contained in plastic wrapping, and the people you meet along the way who are real, authentic caring hosts.

That is the journey I have been on for the past twelve months… putting my stake in the sand and declaring that this is the future of high end luxury tourism, where it is not ok to discard or waste simply because the client is on vacation and has switched off to pressure, routine and responsibility.

It is the responsibility of Love My New Zealand to deliver luxury, experience and value woven into a low carbon footprint to ensure a future in New Zealand tourism.

Sincerely, Love My New Zealand

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