Propose in New Zealand.

Propose in New Zealand The beginning of a new journey

Over the past couple of years we have seen Auckland becoming more of a popular destination for couples to propose in New Zealand – with the special romantic moment carried out against some of the World’s most amazing scenery.

Queenstown and Christchurch were always favoured places to pop the question in times gone by, but Auckland with it’s amazing West Coast Black Sand beaches (just 35 minutes from the central business district) is fast becoming the place to propose in New Zealand. How do we know that? Well we have never been busier with inquiries from people wanting to propose in New Zealand, (specifically in Auckland) in 2017 and 2018.

Karl Williams asked me to help him in 2015 to deliver the perfect moment to his sweetheart on Muriwai Beach. Here are his words…

We are here today for a very special moment. The position where we stand on the planet is defined by the coordinates of latitude and longitude as 38 degrees 81 minutes south in latitude and 174 degrees 41 minutes east in longitude. This small dot on the planet earth means a lot to me and I have chosen it to mark this significant occasion. As we face the mighty Tasman Sea, Muriwai beach to our right runs unbroken for 50 kilometers and to our left the rugged coast line continues to the mouth of the Manukau. To reach our future we must sail not lie at anchor, we must sail not drift. Whenever I need insight and vision I come here. Muriwai rose from the sea, the distinctive blacks sands the result of the Kaipara volcano that erupted 16 million years ago and from that formed the coast line where we stand today, sculptured by the Tasman sea. Behind us the Waitakeres. Maori mythology tells us this was called the great forest of Tiriwa, the people who grew from the earth, they had special power and were fair skinned. Not far away is the Muriwai gannet colony. The Maoris called this great sea bird the Takapu. The birds mate and lay only one egg. They mate for life. Their young learn to fly and then make one great journey to South Australia and return to Muriwai two years later to find their mate and settle down to continue the line of this great sea bird. You can see them often here gliding out over the beach on the wind currents from the Tasman Sea. They tell me as they fly on the wing... you can never cross the ocean until you have courage to lose sight of the shore... I find Muriwai always tells me things. That’s why I come here and that’s why we are here today...
At 38 degrees 81 minutes south and 174 degrees 41 minutes east. ”

The Beginning of a new journey

Before you propose in New Zealand take a gentle stroll to relax...

With it’s majestic backdrops and amazing sunsets over the Tasman Ocean, we deliver some special moments to our couples in the evenings. It isn’t hard to create romance with a faint breeze whilst the temperature is a pleasant 22 degrees in the early evening just before the sun crashed down on the horizon. The West Coast of Auckland provides some of the most amazing Sunsets you will ever see worldwide!

Only one of our party knows they are going to propose in New Zealand and that this is it, the moment has arrived after months of planning with us. I often wonder how each of the clients we have in our car feels right then. One must be wondering will the other say yes, the other wondering where they are going and slightly suspicious something might be going on!

From being collected from their city hotel, we whisk them a short distance away to one of our secret destinations to check them into a stunning and private suite overlooking the Tasman Ocean. Greeted with hand made chocolate and a glass of bubbles, I can feel them both begin to relax into what we consider to be one of New Zealand’s top luxury escapes. I ask them to change into something casual and comfortable and to make sure they can go bare-feet on the beach as we drive them onto the sands at Muriwai Beach for an up close view point of the mighty ocean.

It is such a special moment for me to see what happens as the proposal happens. From the sheer love that occurs to the smiles on each of their faces…..I am so lucky to be a part of their journey.

Sincerely, Love My New Zealand

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