Virtuoso Tour Things to do in Auckland.

Bethells Virtuoso Tour Things to do in Auckland

Virtuoso Study Tour Auckland.

With Love My New Zealand and ATEED

The Virtuoso Study Tour Auckland 2017 - with Love My New Zealand and ATEED.
Another example of things to do in Auckland.

We had the privilege at the start of June 2017 to host our elite Virtuoso visitors to Auckland on the West Coast through Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development.

I wondered (that day) knowing so much of the history of the first pioneers in the area in the 1800's along with the rich Maori presence way before then, how difficult life would have been making new paths through rain-forest and dense bush. The view of the ocean must have been incredible!

To have the opportunity to drive these lands and discover their wonder and magic is a privilege and it really showed off the things to do in Auckland that can wow a visitor before they succumb to jet-lag.

Sincerely, Love My New Zealand

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